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Our Business

Your Success is our Business
For nearly 30 years, the Allied Telesis Group has invested heavily in the research, development and manufacture of data networking technology and equipment. From the beginning, our goal has been to create products that allow our customers to build successful, standards-based networks that are efficient in design, of high performance, extremely reliable and exceptional value. These simple business principles remain true today, although our technology has become vastly more sophisticated as network performance demands have required ever more complex solutions.

Along with technology innovation and leadership, we have always supported our product business with best-of-breed warranty programs and support services that have helped cement our reputation as a company that puts the customer first.

An Evolving Hardware Landscape
The majority of network connections are, by default, at the very edge where devices are attached and communication occurs with other users and servers across both the local area and the wide area network. This has been the Allied Telesis Groupfs traditional market focus. As companies grow in size, network capabilities must scale proportionately and, over the years, this has led to more sophisticated technologies that, for example, prioritize network traffic, optimize bandwidth, monitor user activity and filter web content.

Most recently we have seen the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), where a very large number of devices are being connected to the Internet, allowing them to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit. To address this exponential growth in IoT-driven data production, our hardware engineering group has developed EtherGRID a sophisticated hyper-integrated edge computing platform that can deliver many benefits over a cloud-centric data center model where heavy demands are placed on corporate network access and bandwidth utilization. By putting data collection, storage and applications deployment at the very edge of the network, we can help manufacturing, transportation, utility and other customer types reduce their demands on corporate network resources, while substantially improving operational efficiency with real-time performance analytics.

Softwarefs Growing Influence
Software continues to play a crucial role in our continued success as a global provider of network technology. Where once software controlled the capabilities of an individual device, todayfs network architects are looking at software that controls an entire network, regardless of vendor equipment. Our software development priorities are focused on two areas; the continued development of our AlliedWare Plus operating system for advanced switch and security products, and the introduction of a rich Software Defined Networking (SDN) capability that will make high-capacity networks cheaper to build and simpler and less expensive to re-configure.

AlliedWare Plus continues to be set new expectations for what a featured-rich Layer 3+ IPv4/IPv6 routing and multicasting operating system can be. With industry-standard commands that any network administrator can quickly master and offering advanced features that include AMF for reduced network management costs, OpenFlow for SDN applications and virtual chassis stacking for easy resiliency solutions, AlliedWare Plus represents a compelling alternative to other vendor technology.

Building Solutions
Alongside its developments in hardware and software, the Allied Telesis Group continues to grow its solutions business. Our focused solutions teams work closely with customers to quickly identifying their exacting requirements and then engineer complete network solutions that cover all aspects of design, development, deployment and subsequent administration of networks. These solutions have included high availability hospital networks and video surveillance solutions for retail banking.

Services & Support
Having engineered our customersf sophisticated networks, many turn to the Allied Telesis Group for longtime service and support agreements. Through our service and support organization we provide value-added services that are optimized for each deployment. Services can be provided for the lifetime of a network system, ranging from consulting services to design, development, and administration, onsite support or telephone help desk. In addition, we operate our own private cloud service provider business, offering telephony, data and video services to cities, residential communities, educational campuses and to military bases.