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Allied Telesis Joins U.S. Aerospace Industries Association (AIA)

TOKYO - September 24, 2012 - Led by chairman and CEO, Takayoshi Oshima, Allied Telesis Holdings K.K., with headquarters in Shinagawa, Tokyo, today announced that its U.S. subsidiary, Allied Telesis, Inc., led by president and COO, Eu-Jin Lim, with headquarters in San Jose, California, has joined the U.S. Aerospace Industries Association (AIA).

The AIA is the world's largest aerospace industry association with a membership comprised of more than 300 leading American defense and aerospace industry corporations. Led by research and development and driven by advanced technology, the aerospace and defense industry is also very broad based, incorporating a wide range of related fields. The industry maintains a significant role in America in terms of both its scale and importance, and only companies with a strong track record and technical capabilities are permitted to join the AIA.

Allied Telesis, is building a strong reputation in the U.S. defense and aerospace industry as a leader in enterprise networking technology. In addition to beginning deployment of IP Triple Play services at U.S. air bases in 2007, initially at Yokota in Fussa City, Tokyo, Japan, this work also included the development project for a new flight simulator mission system at Edwards Air Force Base in the U.S. In 2009, the Air Force selected Allied Telesis SwitchBlade x908 Advanced Layer 3 Modular Switches and other solutions for the project's integration component. Allied Telesis membership in the AIA represents an acknowledgement of these technical capabilities and the Company's successful past performance.

As the only member of the AIA from the IP networking industry, Allied Telesis will have the opportunity to build partnerships with leading defense and aerospace corporations including Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, and L3 Communications.

Aerospace Industries Association

Membership includes companies engaged in civilian and military aircraft, helicopter, and aircraft engine businesses. Administers US National Aerospace Standards (NAS). Founded in 1919. Headquartered in Arlington, VA.


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